can dogs get coronavirus

Most people are very concerned about getting the novel coronavirus. With that, many pet owners are concerned whether they can give it to their dogs or cats, and vice versa. So, can your dog get coronavirus COVID-19?

The news is concerning, as Hong Kong health officials confirmed days ago that a dog tested ‘weak-positive’ for the coronavirus and the Pomeranian is now in quarantine.

Can You Give Your Dog Coronavirus COVID-19?

The good news, however, is that, while the dog tested a weak -positive, it was for the coronavirus but not for the Covid-19 strain, which is the virus spreading from people to people around the world right now.

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So, you can relax. As far as experts know, COVID-19 isn’t contagious to dogs. You can’t get it from a dog and dogs can’t get it from you. The same is true for cats.


What You Need to Know About Coronavirus

It’s important to understand that the coronavirus as a whole is not new. In fact, it’s been around for a very long time. What’s new here is the COVID-19 strain.

It is believed that the dog that tested positive in Hong Kong did so because the dog was carrying the virus on its coat or fur.

After all that is said and done, doctors and veterinarians do agree that it could be possible for the virus to spread through touching. So, as a precaution, it is imperative, when in quarantine, to quarantine your pets as well.

It’s also important to keep in mind that health officials are still learning about the novel coronavirus and facts can change every day.

At this point, there is no evidence that the virus can be transmissible to domestic animals, according to both the American Veterinary Medical Association and the CDC.

Just remember that good hygiene practices are always advised.

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