Boxer Dogs

As legend has it, God created the different breeds of dogs from clay. When he decided that he created the most beautiful dog, he called it a Boxer. The legend goes on to say that this gorgeous breed of dog was in such a rush to take a look at himself that he bumped his head before the clay was dried and set. And that’s why the Boxer dog breed has a flat nose, or at least, that’s how the story goes. But there are many other things you may not know about Boxer dogs and should.

Boxer Dogs

Boxer Dog Celebrities

Bomber, the white Boxer dog who was about to be put down because he didn’t fit the kennel club standards in 1985 was ripped away by the animal nurse. This same white Boxer dog later appeared in a British television series called Oliver Twist. So, not only did he cheat death, but he also became a television star.

Another star in his own right, George the Boxer dog was a television star in commercials in the 90s, he became so famous that he ended up having a fan club. George was known for his strange expressions in the Coleman’s Mustard commercials, and his popularity grew to the point where he was invited to make guest appearances at schools and various public functions.

Brandy, the Boxer dog, was known for her long tongue. In fact, Brandy appeared on Ripley’s Believe It or Not because of the length of her tongue –  a whole 17 inches long! Her owner was concerned about the length of his tongue when Brandy was purchased from a local breeder in Michigan in 1995. The owner was led to believe that the dog would actually grow into that long tongue. Of course, she did not! This odd feature landed her on TV, showing her eating her meal from a whopping 13 inches away. Although she has this odd characteristic, she was a healthy Boxer who even had her own website.

Boxer Dog Breed History

What we know about the origins of the Boxer dog is attributed mostly to drawings, paintings, and sculptures from earlier times. In the case of the Boxer, it dates back to 1368, where a carving of a dog resembling a Boxer is seen on a tomb where Elizabeth of Hohenstein lies. In both the 16th and 17th centuries, Boxer dogs, or at least dogs that resemble this breed, are depicted in Flemish tapestries showing them hunting stag and boar.

Boxer Dogs Origin

The breed is believed to have been originated in Germany. However, that still is controversial as are many other dog breed origins. There have been many disagreements throughout time regarding their country of origin. And, in fact, the UK’s first Boxer club was terminated because of the controversy. It wasn’t until 1905 that the Boxer standard became accepted by everyone. The standard of the Munich Boxer Club still exists today.

In the United States, the first known Boxer dog to arrive on American soil came from Switzerland in 1903. Irving Lehman, New York’s Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals became the new owner. This also led to him importing many other Boxer dogs as well. In 1904, the American Kennel Club recognized the Boxer dog.

Other notable facts about Boxer dogs showed them grow in popularity after the Second World War. Their popularity exploded in countries all around the world. Although the Boxer dog’s origins are likely to be from Germany, they were not discriminated against by dog lovers.

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