Bichon Frise Housebreaking Tips

The Bichon Frise is a lively dog that brings happiness to his family. This dog doesn’t shed so that in itself is sure to bring joy to many who’d rather not deal with increased housekeeping tasks. Unfortunately, this dog breed does require lots of grooming to keep its gorgeous coat in good shape. It makes a great family pet, too. To ensure success, here are some Bichon Frise housebreaking tips.

Bichon Frise Housebreaking Tips

Is a Bichon Frise Easy to Train?

Most agree that they are moderately easy to train, but they are known to have a stubborn streak. However, they aren’t, for the most part, dominant dogs.

How to Train a Bichon Frise Successfully

The key to training a Bichon is always to remain CALM and friendly. Gentle corrections will bring the best results, but you must be CONSISTENT. Follow through, always, and you’ll see positive results.

Dealing with a Yappy Bichon Frise

Many Bichons are known for barking excessively. This annoying barking is usually seen when Bichons are left alone for too long. When your Bichon barks for no good reason, tell him, “No. Stop it,” and praise and reward him when he does. Your dog may simply be displaying behavioral issues, which can be corrected. See below.

Housebreaking Bichons

Housebreaking Bichons may be challenging for some. Unfortunately, too many Bichons are abandoned animal shelters because they are difficult to housebreak. However, many times it is dependent upon the personality and temperament of the given dog. More so, it has a lot to do with the owners training skills.

The dog owner must rely on vocabulary, for starters. If your Bichon Frise is eliminating indoors, you must be firm but gentle and tell him, “No. Stop it.” Most dog owners would reply that they already do that, but he simply doesn’t listen. Therefore, dog owners must ask themselves if their Bichon understands what the word “no” means. Or, perhaps the dog does understand it but doesn’t respect you enough. Bribing can help, but it has its limitations.

Bichon Frise Training Tips

So what do you do to get your dog to respect you? It’s crucial that you interact with your dog in a particular manner. The interaction with a dog is different from any interaction with the human being, for the most part. For instance, your dog will judge you and draw conclusions about you dependent upon your tone of voice, the way in which you touch him, the different facial expressions, and how you respond to the different things he does. In other words, you must prove to your dog that you are a capable leader. Dogs that believe you’re a good leader think you’re worthy of respect. A respectful dog doesn’t misbehave.

Additionally, your Bichon Frise, like any other dog breed, needs adequate exercise and companionship each and every day. Always remember that all dogs are social creatures, and if left alone for too long, become frustrated and bored, which leads to behavioral problems. A dog with behavior problems could display its boredom or frustration through barking, digging, and typically destroying things.

Dog training is pretty much the same from one breed to the next. However, some dog breeds are known to be more stubborn than others, or even more intelligent. The key is always patience and consistency, whether it has to do with potty training a puppy or correcting other undesirable behaviors.