The Most Popular Bichon Frise Hairstyles Ideal to Your Dog’s Lifestyle

Bichon Frise Hairstyles

The Bichon Frise hairstyles perfect for this dog’s white, dense, and curly coat. Its tail, long and curly, or sometimes fluffy. Its undercoat is thick and its topcoat is curly.

Bichon Frise Hairstyles


Although a low-maintenance dog in general, known for being a non-shedding dog, it does come with high-maintenance grooming needs. Monthly cuts are required to remove dander and prevent matting.

Anyone who knows Bichons knows they’re small dogs with potentially big hair. Their hair grows constantly! As such, a minimum of twice-weekly grooming is required in between the monthly cuts, but ideally, every day.

The Most Popular Bichon Frise Hairstyles

Panda Cut

The Panda cut is much like the Lamb cut, below. However, the hair is not shaved as closely to the body as in the Lamb cut, but instead, is clipped with scissors and electric clippers. In this case, the hairstyle is longer all over. As such, daily brushing is required to remove dead hair and debris.

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Lamb Cut

The Lamb cut is the most practical cut for Bichons that aren’t show dogs. This shortest cut of all results in reduced grooming needs and mats from forming behind their legs and ears.

Still, brush your Bichon at least once weekly. The coat, shaved closely on the body, but with the head and tail fur left longer results in the Bichon’s renowned puffy face showing well.

Show Cut

For show dogs, the Bichon Frise must have the traditional show cut hairstyle with a thick undercoat and with a curly and coarse outer coat. So, this ideal cut allows for the fur to spring back. The Bichon Frise Show cut (as shown above) gives the dog’s fur a rounded appearance, particularly on the head.

Most noteworthy: Groomers only use scissors with this hairstyle.

When choosing one of the Bichon Frise hairstyles, think of your lifestyle beforehand.

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