The highly intelligent, always happy, and energetic small Bichon Frise dog is very capable of agility training. Sometimes stubborn, that doesn’t stop you from making training enjoyable and interesting for him. These dogs thrive when they get the special attention that comes from regular agility training session, and they will just love the extra time they get to spend with you. The fact that Bichons love playing will make agility training sessions a game with successful results.

How to Get Started with Bichon Frise Agility Training

As a dog owner of a Bichon Frise, prepare to participate and encourage your small dog. In doing so, your Bichon will remain motivated and on task. Provide treats for incentives. The best results, however, will be seen if you join a local club where you’ll have access and advice from other owners with experience. At the same time, your dogs will learn to ignore the busyness and noise around him. Build a few obstacles in your outdoor space to practice with him when not at the club.

Setting Up Obstacles for Agility Training

Provide Bichons with safe equipment, whether purchased or built at home. Some may be made using PVC pipes. The key is to get a few obstacles in your yard since space is usually a factor. Try to have a couple of jumps and a fabric tunnel. Observe those at the club and attempt to duplicate them as much as possible.

Before beginning your agility training sessions, ensure your dog is in good health. If your Bichon Frise is displaying an odd walk, as though it is suffering from some pain, get him examined. Better yet, have him examined regardless. These dogs are renowned for orthopedic issues, such as patellar luxation, elbow, dysplacia, and more. Rigorous training can result in hip bone destruction!

Agility Competitions

If you want your Bichon to compete seriously, then get the rule books from the particular organizations early on. Read them from end to end and pay attention to the different rules for the various dog sizes. Small dogs, like Bichons, have different jumps than big dogs.

Agility training is similar to dog training in that praise, rewards, and consistency are always necessary to ensure success.


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