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Bringing home a new dog comes with many questions because there is a lot of responsibility that lies in dog ownership. One question that most will ask is what is the best puppy food available? Although it would be great to give one answer that would satisfy everyone, we would have to look at that question a little deeper.

For instance, it all depends on the type of puppy food you want to give your dog. Do you want to give them moist canned dog food or a dry kibble?

What about looking at the least amount of preservatives and choosing grain free products? All these questions need to be answered on a personal level, before you can find out what the actual best puppy food you can feed your puppy.

You have to understand that there are literally thousands of dog foods available and the ultimate decision will be yours. However, it’s important to make an educated decision, so we will try to simplify that for you.

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What Does the Best Puppy Food Contain?

  • A good amount of meat-based protein
  • A reasonable ratio of fat to protein

What Should the Best Puppy Food Not Contain

There are many ingredients, often questionable ones, that are listed on labels, so it’s important to know what’s what before you feed your puppy. In general, you should stay away from:

  • Generic animal fats and unknown meat ingredients
  • Questionable chemical preservatives, especially those you can’t pronounce
  • Too much carbohydrate content
  • Artificial coloring agents

When you read the label, and all of the above have been answered, then you know that your onto a good puppy food.

Keep in mind that any superior puppy or dog food product will be approved by the AAFCO. The acronym stands for, The Association of American Feed Control Officials. This is a nonprofit organization created to protect pets by setting strict standards for pet foods in the United States and now also includes Canada and Costa Rica. Look for their stamp of approval. If it is marked complete and balanced, it means that the AAFCO approves the food for its nutritional standards.

Also, you can find good commercial dog food at discount department stores, like Walmart. You don’t necessarily need to go to pet shops. However, it is good to shop around to get a good deal, if budget is an issue, and especially when it is a larger breed to feed.

Whatever the case, it’s essential for you to do your own homework. Some formulas, for instance, may be better for large breeds, like labs or Golden Retrievers. You may find that the best puppy food for your fur baby is wet.