best dog food and water bowls

As soon as you come home with your new furry friend, he’ll need food and water. So, make sure you have the best dog food and water bowls¬†beforehand. There are lots of options regarding food and water bowls, but not all are equal. Do your research and buy them in advance. The materials used to manufacture these bowls include plastic, glass, ceramic, and stainless steel — each with its own pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of the Different Dog Food and Water Bowls


Plastic dishes are convenient and inexpensive, but they don’t go running to the store just yet. The problem with plastic is that they can be scratched and therefore compromised, allowing for bacteria to thrive. Should you decide on plastic, opt for the most durable type that’s also dishwasher-safe. Of course, replace it as soon as wear and tear are apparent.

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Glass and Ceramic

Glass and ceramic may seem like good choices because they’re heavy and won’t easily tip, but they really aren’t the best. The fact is that glass and ceramic bowls are breakable, and that is the biggest drawback with them, aside from them being expensive. Moreover, they may even contain lead, which endangers the health of your pet. Should you still opt for ceramic, ensure it is free of lead and dishwasher safe.

The Best Dog Food and Water Bowls

Yes, we left this type for last because it gets top marks. Stainless steel bowls are the best dog food and water bowls.¬†Granted, they are the most expensive of all the options, but you just can’t go wrong with them.

best dog food and water bowls

They are generally too heavy to play with, for starters, and they are also durable and virtually indestructible. In other words, you’ll buy them once and never have to think about replacing them ever again. What’s more is that stainless steel is easy to clean and disinfect.

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