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 Alaskan Husky Dog Breed at a Glance


The Alaskan Husky a category of dog and not an actual breed of dog, and is instead, a cross breed.

This is the breed of choice for sprint competition and dog sled racing. The breed is a blend of dogs with pulling skills, like the Alaskan Malamute.

No purebred pulling dog breed can match the Alaskan Husky’s speed.

For a family, the Husky is affectionate, but each individual dog’s disposition varies on the breeds used to create it.

Breed Group: Not standardized / Not Applicable

Alaskan Husky Puppies

HISTORY of the Alaskan Husky Dog Breed

Alaskan Huskies may be either varying husky types or hound crosses, or a mix of both. The Husky was bred to create the top working dog for a specific purpose, like racing. They come from varying bloodline of Inuit dogs.

Origin: United States

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The Alaskan Husky personality differs because of its bloodline, meaning which dogs were used to create it. However, Alaskan Huskies are generally affectionate towards people, kids and dogs. They are renowned for their desire to cuddle.

Expect an independent family member that’s also loyal. This breed is known to wander, so walk your dog on a leash. It is characterized as stubborn and mischievous, and for those reasons, it may be difficult for owners without any previous experience.

Housebreaking may be a challenge. Also, this dog requires lots of attention and physical activity, and failure to provide this may lead to behavioral problem.

Physical Characteristics of the Alaskan Husky Dog Breed

The common colors of the Alaskans are varied and may have different marking patterns as well.

Its coat is self-cleaning and doesn’t smell so expect only to bathe it occasionally. Its coat is short to medium in length, similar to the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute.

The Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky are similar in appearance, but the latter is smaller. Also, Alaskan Huskies typically have brown eyes as opposed to the blue-eyed Siberians, which are sometimes a combination of brown and blue.

The Alaskan dogs weigh between 35 and 60 pounds and stand between 23 and 26 inches tall.

Alaskan Husky Dog Breed

Shedding is seasonal and so, it does not shed extensively throughout the year. It is NOT a hypoallergenic breed.

HEALTH and CARE of the  Dog Breed

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Alaskan Husky is between 12 and 15 years.

Common Health Concerns

All dog breeds have certain health conditions to which they are susceptible, and so, the Husky is not exempt. The Alaskan is considered a healthy breed in general, however, it falls victim to some genetic health issues including:

  • Blindness
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Congenital Deformation of the Larynx


Being an exceptionally energetic dog that never seems to get enough of physical activity, this dog type needs lots of exercise. It will be happier in a home with a large yard and is not made for apartment living.

Also good to know is that the Alaskan Husky can jump up to 6 feet, so a tall fence is absolutely necessary if it spends time outdoors without supervision.

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Photo: Chm


The Alaskan Husky is a large and highly active dog, so feed it a formula of dog food specifically made for active dogs. If it seems to be losing weight or you’ve noticed a decrease in its energy level, it may require an increase in its daily ration. Feed your dog between 2.5 and 3 cups of dry dog food each day.


Regular brushing will keep its coat in good condition and reduce shedding.

The Alaskan Husky is NOT recognized by the AKC as it is not considered a pure dog breed. 

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