There’s nothing like a feel-good story during this COVID-19 pandemic, and this one is amazing. This little 4-year-old girl was lost in the woods with her dog for 2 days and was finally spotted when her dog Lucy barked.

Vadie, a little Alabama darling, just went for a walk with her dog, Lucy and simply vanished. In the video posted by her family on Facebook, Vadie said, “We took a walk but then I got too fast and got running and got lost and then I started calling for Nanny but Nanny was too far.”

She went on to say she and Lucy got separated for a time but found each other soon after and that, ““I slided, slided down a waterfall. I was brave not to go in.”

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Vadie, which is short for Evelyn, slept by a road on the first night and on the second night, this brave little soul had fallen asleep where she was found.

Watch 4-year-old Vadie Sides tell her side of the story in this video

There were hundreds of volunteers who help police find her, as soon as news got out about her disappearance. From people on the ground to people on horseback to helicopters and drones — everyone was looking for Vadie and Lucy.

Thanks to Lucy’s barking because of the sounds she heard from the search party, Vadie awakened from her sleep.

There still remain unanswered questions about the end of March adventure that had an entire community in panic mode, and for good reason. But, thankfully, it was a happy ending.

Vadie was unharmed and not even frightened, but it is almost certain that she felt safe and protected having her beloved and loyal dog by her side. It’s unclear what Lucy did — did she have to scare away any predators? Who knows. But, what we do know is that Lucy stayed close to Vadie.

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