important things your dog wants to tell you

You might have a great relationship with your dog — so much so that you feel you know what he’s thinking. But, if only your dog could talk! Here are some of the most important things your dog wants to tell you:

  1. I will only live between 7 and 14 years – Please know how much it hurts me when you’re away more than a day.

2. You can trust me with your life – Please know that I NEED you to believe in me. If you don’t, then I feel stressed. My own confidence has everything to do with how confident you are in me!

3. Be patient with me and allow me the time I need to learn what you’re teaching me – If you are patient with my obedience training, I will never disappoint you.

4. Talk to me no matter what the subject. I love listening to you – I know I don’t understand what you’re saying exactly, but your voice is so beautiful and I get the meaning just by the tone of your voice.

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5. Treat me right and with love – I won’t ever forget how you treat me.

6. Please don’t stay angry at me for a long time and please don’t lock me up in a cage as a form of punishment – You have a life outside our home, you have friends and your career. YOU’RE the ONLY ONE I have!

7. Don’t scream at me because I didn’t respond to your commands as I always do – There might be something causing me to react differently. Maybe I’ve become too old to do things I did in when I was younger. Or, perhaps I’m not feeling well.

8. Don’t choose to hit me because you’ve had a bad day – Consider that I choose NOT to bite you, even though I can.

9. Be there for me when I’m at my best and my worst – If you think you can’t handle something gruesome at the vet’s, think how I feel if you’re not there with me. I need you to make it through these hard times.

10. Care for me when I reach my golden years – You will also get old and understand the hardships! I love you unconditionally. Love me unconditionally, too!

Understanding the needs of your dog will make him happier and probably you too. Your dog can’t talk, but if he could, these are the important things your dog wants to tell you.

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